Thermite = unusable MRAP . Tanks are a terror …………..until they get isolated and cant maneuver , then they are easy pickings for infantry with “stuff “

If you can get close enough to snowball one, someone hasn’t been doing their job.

Secondly, they can’t stay buttoned up forever.
The best time to attack tankers is when they stop to eat and relieve themselves.
Most people aren’t truckers who seem to delight in relieving themselves and dropping everything in bottles at the roadside, most normal people prefer to and will step out for such activities.
At that point all one needs is a decent .22, a lot less risky than the snowball.

The funny thing, for police work, the MRAP only has one thing going for it, its cheap.
When a decent LAV such as a Bearcat costs six figures, and the MRAP a pittance, which way are city councils going to go?

And yes, departments normally have to get approval before getting any of this gear, any kind of capital equipment has to be approved first normally.

And as one who has written the applications for gear, it ain’t as easy as the libtards make it seem, you must submit applications to several departments, show a need for such gear and normally don’t get as much as you need.

Why do police need LAVs?
Crazy cat lady comes to mind, you know the one, lives down the street, has about a hundred strays she feeds, can’t remember her meds……
You go to work, kids to school and she goes over the edge during an oprah repeat.
She starts popping off rounds from dear departed hubbys Korean Garand into the neighboring houses.

Option 1: Establish a perimeter and keep everyone out until she runs out of ammo or the lack of meds takes effect. Meanwhile you are homeless because you live within range of her and her rifle.

Option 2: Starts like 1, but eventually the sniper is called out and a public outcry is heard about shooting the harmless old biddy.

Option 3: Approach the house in a LAV and deploy less lethal measures such as OC canisters from some semblance of cover, because no one wants to shoot someone and face the public crucifixion even if its a justified shoot.

Police get paid to take risks, not stupid risks.