The scary thing is , we have not known total victory since 1945 . We are having difficulty with people that have no air force , no navy , etc.
Our soldiers can do the job , no question ……………………….but our leadership is another story . I dont have faith in the generalship either , none of them have known victory or actually how to achieve it , outside text books . The other side has some of the same failings , but their leadership is better . Best to actually enforce the Minsc agreements together , Russian peacekeepers take over the positions of the DPR/LPR at the contact points , and US / German / french peacekeepers take over the contact positions of the Ukers . Only reason I would have the French in there , is because they are a signer to the Minsc Agreements . Go down the road to actually doing something constructive . An interesting poll was taken of the Ukrainian people , it seems that they dont want to be part of either Russia or the EU . As a side note , the Ukrainian people are not happy with the current government , by the end of 2015 , it will take 90% of Ukraine’s GDP to try to pay off its national debt …………………….seems the US has been teaching them economics as well .