Back in his first term, he talked about needing a national police force to step in and help the local police in an “emergency.” I believe we are seeing the next step in that process. This is one very sly man. I’ve learned to look for the little comment that sounds perfectly reasonable in context, until you start to see the underlying strategy being put in place small step by small step.

I predict the next step will be the formation of just such a police force to give disadvantage youth a potential career for upward economic mobility. Imagine a police force beholden to the President for their paycheck and healthcare insurance.


Americorps started in 1994 and used to have a LE academy listed, but if you dona search for americorps police department, you come up with a bunch of places they “work”.

Some of the old pics reminded me of the hitler youth.

Hmm a clinton era connection, no bueno.