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try some nicola apples great to eat but a zone 4 tree i am in zone 3 and it has lived now 4 years. nice eating apple

use wild strawberries they make it through -30 small but very tasty berries size of a large pea.

you might want to try a paw paw tree weird name good fruit for zone 3.

blue berries buy different types or you will have blue berries all in one week and not all summer. ask local plant place for the difference in season. it can go from june to september

make sure you are buying non grafted trees, the grafted or dwarf variety are the norm and not very hardy to cold weather it means you have to prune and stake down your trees.

for sugar… birch trees work too problem is how most people evaporate the water as the syrup is 3 or less percent of sap. we dont use wood heating till very last we use solar to evap the sap to 20 percent volume and keep the 20 percent till a full kettle then heat slow with indirect wood heat well vented so no smokey flavor.

in end we buy alot of sugar and store it, getting a bulk group or a business license to buy is a good discount 20-40% off all bulk grocery buys. pallet loads of dry long term goods.