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74, I have no inkling as to effort to make sugar but between honey and maple syrup we have other ways of adding some sweetener to things. Especially maple syrup which is in abundance here.

I went to a large nursery this afternoon that’s more than an hour’s drive away because I like their extensive selection and quality, and no beets there either. I did buy a couple honeycrisp apple trees for future eating apples. They’re our favorites. I’ve got a small grove of 14 apple trees that are good for applesauce and cider but They don’t do anything for me as just eating apples. No idea what kind they are. I’ve got 3 other trees of a different type growing wild, one on the fence line and two growing just off the lawn. No idea what they are and they don’t do it for me as eating apples either. I let the deer have all of those.

I bought a peach tree rated for zone 3 in hopes this one will make it. I had tried a peach a couple years ago but it didn’t make it through the winter before last. We’ll see. You don’t see peaches this far north too often. Also bought a couple seedless grapes for my 3rd attempt. These are rated to 30 below which should work as it hits minus 25 here max. One of last year’s had a single bud coming out and the frost the other day killed it. I’m not waiting to see if it’ll regenerate. Am also replacing last year’s strawberries. Only 1 out of 10 made it through the winter. The ones I bought are supposed to be good to minus 30 so we’ll see there too. Most of the cranberries survived and the blueberries should be OK. Half the branches died on each of them but the other half looks pretty good so it should regenerate. I figure if I keep planting things some will prove hardy enough to make it long term. The pears, plums, and cherries have all made it through a couple tough winters and the mulberry I put in last year made it so I’m making progress.