Thank you Tweva. I moved to California about 26 years ago and loved it. I lived in the valley. I moved up to the high desert 10 years ago (today in fact) and never had a thought about water shortages…..at least back then when I moved here.
I believe we are on a water table…problem is where I live I have absolutely no mineral rights nor do I have access to water outside the ridiculous rates we pay to a private company that has the rights. I am pretty limited in that way. I just know that by storing as much as I can now it will make life easier for a short while. If things get so bad that this is permanent then we will move on like I would imagine others will because that would mean that water would not be the only resource unavailable. I just don’t want to find myself with a case of bottled water only when it all hits.
Also I would like to mention that in a grid-down situation have a bunch of clean buckets (Home depot has them for $3 each) ready to fill using the tap because I think the water will stop hours or maybe a day or so after the fact. Also I have found water bladders online that fit in the bathtub that can hold I think 150 gal of water should you need something right away to hold lots of water in. They cost about $25. They sort of fill up like a waterbed inside the tub. Water needs to be the first physical priority in a grid-down situation (if you are dependent on city/county for it) before it stops coming through the tap, and you will never have too much of it.

I’ve had some crazy ideas about having someone come out with a tractor and digging a large area for me to set about 20- 55 gallon drums of water into, then covering it back up with dirt. When it is needed just use a syphoning hose to extract it from the drums/barrels. This would keep the attention away from my property and I would know where those barrels were stored.

I wish your family the best in preparing for the water situation. There are options.