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An ancestor of mine gets beat up these days for his role in the Pequot War in 1637. That the Narragansett and Mohegan Indians helped the English defeat their common enemy the Pequots doesn’t matter to the politically correct. Only the English were the bad guys. The Narragansetts and Mohegans get a pass.

In the march to Quebec following the Feb. 1704 Deerfield Massacre ( I refuse to use the new name Raid on Deerfield because it was a massacre), captives who couldn’t keep up trudging through the snow were killed by the Indians. Eunice Williams, wife of the minister and weak from recent childbirth, was one of those killed with a hatchet 10 miles or so into the march. The modern day apologists accept that the Indians couldn’t slow for stragglers what was a 2 month 200+ mile march. There was another option available to the Indians however. They could have let her return home but the politically correct never offer that there were options other than killing her. In one modern day account I read it simply says Eunice didn’t survive the march to Quebec. That is technically correct but it allows the reader to reach an incorrect conclusion as to why she didn’t survive the march. It is the small subtle changes like that that slowly rewrites history.

These are things where I know the actual history very well, but I am left wondering how much rewritten history am I getting elsewhere where I don’t realize that what I’m getting is a rewrite?