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Don’t think that just the history from that time is being rewritten. My kids were taught that the only reason the American Civil War was fought was because of slavery. There was no mention of anything else. When I pulled out the CSA petitions to English Parliament (available for download via Google since it is over 100 years old) that spelled out all their grievances, they flat acknowledged that slavery was only needed because of illegal taxation and tariffs imposed by Northern manufacturing and textile factories. Not that slavery wasn’t a horrible thing, but there was MUCH more to the secession than just slavery.

The same school also said that the reason people don’t see a lot of Native Americans running around is because they are all “drunk on their reservations and casinos.” I put it in quotes because that is exactly what the history teacher said in class for both my kids (2 years apart).

How about the idiots teaching kids that Paul Revere rode around yelling, “The British are coming!” All the population were British…. In his account he declared that the “Regulars” or “red coats” are coming depending on the source.

Try reading a history book published before 1920. It reads like a totally different account of what we were taught.