I have run into history being rewritten and have argued vehemently and passionately against it.

North America was the site of a full-on, no holds barred race war for control of the continent between the Indians and the Europeans from the time of Virginia Dare till the closing of the frontier in 1890 – a period of almost 400 years, exactly.

Indians – I refuse to call them “Native Americans” since there is proof that European settlements in North America predated those of the Mongolians that crossed the Alaskan land bridge and filtered down into the continent – were committing atrocities against each other for thousands of years prior to the “formal” arrival of Euros. To include slavery, genocide and cannibalism. It’s not spoken of, because it does not fit with the victimhood narrative that “Native Americans” were all peacefully sitting around, communing with nature and smoking sh*^, when Big Bad Whitey showed up and started beating up on them…

The sad truth is that cultures clash, and the more dissimilar and distant those cultures are, the more violently they clash. Atrocities piled on top of one another in retaliation to previous atrocities piled on top of one another… in the war for North America, nobody has clean hands. But, modern practice is to rewrite it to exonerate the Indians and blame Whitey for everything.

It is good that you argue against it. Do not let them rewrite history with no opposition. If nothing else, teach the truth to your own children, and have them teach their children. That’s how we win – we arm and armor our children with truth before the brainwashing b-stards get ahold of them… teach them to ask the hard and awkward questions, make the brainwashing thugs prove what they’re saying is truth (which is always fun, since they cannot. Their “truth” is invented. A fiction. Therefore, it is unprovable and indefensible).

Rage against the dying of the light, my friend…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1