An actual glimmer of hope.

Two Nevada Staties stepped up and committed seppuku – sacrificing their careers and making a stand on principal – and filed suit against not only their own department, but also Las Vegas PD.

Corruption. Racketeering. Fraud. Systematic 4th Amendment violations. Drug and Explosives dogs having an 85% failure rate and “alerting” on nothing, or on cue from their handlers. Also abuse those animals suffered at the hands of their handlers.

From the article:

The reliability of drug dogs and their handlers is at the heart of a lawsuit filed in state district court by two Nevada Highway Patrol K-9 troopers and a consultant, who claim that the Metropolitan Police Department’s police dogs, and eventually NHP’s own dogs, were “trick ponies” that responded to their handlers’ cues, and therefore routinely violated citizens’ rights to lawful search under the Fourth Amendment.

The lawsuit goes on to make a number of other accusations in its 104-page complaint: that the Metropolitan Police Department is a racketeering organization, that money seized by motorists was misappropriated by the Department of Public Safety, that the two troopers were subjected to harassment and intimidation by their agency.

But what has defense attorneys and civil advocates taking notice are the allegations of illegal searches, which could call into question the seizure of millions of dollars from motorists on Nevada highways and jeopardize an untold number of criminal cases stemming from those stops.

For their courageous stand, these two Staties have been ostracized… shunned. Persona non grata.

Moral courage is the most precious and rare of all. It should be cultivated and protected at all costs. And I am actually impressed.


So yeah, not all cops are bad cops. Some actually do have the courage of their convictions. I would be proud and honored to call either of these men “friend”, and I wish both of them strength and length of days…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1