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Spring came late this year, but then it was warmer than normal allowing plants to start catching up, trees leafed out these past few days, the apple trees bloomed yesterday,…..and we had a frost last night. The high-low thermometer in the greenhouse said it got down to 33 inside but the thermometer is on an inside wall so it is possible to have gotten lower around the outside walls. I’ll know soon enough if any of the seedlings froze. Same with the fruiting shrubs outside that had all leafed out and or bloomed these past few days and the rhubarb I was planning to start harvesting. I won’t know for at least a month about the apples though. Either little apples will start forming or they won’t. My young pear trees bloomed too and I was hoping maybe I’d get my first pears from them this year. We’ll see. This could be the last frost of the season, or not. Will get into the 30’s again tonight and then warm up again. Clear windless nights like last night allow the coldest air to settle in the valleys such as I live in. Can’t do anything about it.