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Tolik, come SHTF, location matters and for reasons already discussed Maine is a good choice at many levels. If you don’t already have your housing situation settled, I’d make a wood stove a priority. You know what the winters are like. A well and septic are next on the list. Few wells have hand pumps but you can buy (or make) well buckets inexpensively. I have a Simple Pump brand hand pump on my well, but it was kind of pricey due to the well being somewhat deep. Hand pumps for shallow wells are fairly inexpensive. You are halfway to a liveable situation with just those three things (wood stove, well, septic) if the grid goes down. Traveling east-west through VT & NH is not the easiest thing in the world given the north-south orientation of the mountains, and so presumably you’ll get to Maine via cutting through MA. Being you’d be bringing your toys with you, just be careful going through MA, and CT & NY too for that matter given their laws, or NJ & MD too is that’s what your route includes. Federal law gives safe passage so long as you are only driving through but that doesn’t mean those States wouldn’t hassle you anyway. The good news is once you are north of MA, you are back in America again.