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God Bless you nlouise! It struck me at an early age, the big differences in what one called ‘home’. This does not mean I think ‘my’ idea of home is ‘better’ or ‘best’. Just an aside about the miracle of diversity of we humans.

A family member has a home, he no longer lives in, in southern Arizona. I visited exactly one time. Had cell phones been available at the time I would have been using it to make a return ticket before I got to my destination! I discovered something basic about myself that day of my first visit. To ‘Me’, (respecting the viewpoint of others) I know, for myself I can not live in a desert environment. I was raised in seasonal greenery, water, variations of topography. The first time visit to the desert (in AZ) I felt physically ill and promptly left. But, I am well aware that is me and my ingrained (?) preferences. My father and Grandparents; Aunts and Uncles loved the desert. I still do not understand that. I try to always to put myself in someone elses shoes. But, haha (if that is appropriate) in the case of desert lovers I simply can not. I do have family members that are going through major ordeals farming in various western states for which they depend on irrigation. The Central Valley in CA is only one. I am aware more, (I think?) than most in the US of thee general issues/lifestyles they have.

That said, for whatever reason one may choose to use, I believe most people would agree weather patterns worldwide are changing. One can not know how they will impact you in your desert clime.

So, I am being curious here, do you utilize underground cisterns? Have you made your Plan ‘B’ in the event you find your situation is not able to be maintained?

I have several elderly family members living in the desert so I am most definitely concerned about this. They appear and do act when we speak (especially if I muster support/help) about ‘possible future needs) having either lived through the stock market crash (’29?) or just the plain old ‘Great Depression’ as we in the states refer to it. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your own personal situation and problems here for everyone. I truly regret I don’t have a basis of helpful experience to assist you further your goals.

The land, I am sure, will know your love for it and do its best to provide for you That I have no doubt. Nature is an underrated force.