I have rhubarb ready to harvest and having never done anything with it before I suppose I’ll try to make some kind of jam. – MB

My mamma used to make the absolute BEST rhubarb pie… never had the like, before or since… some folks around here make a halfway decent strawberry-rhubarb pie, but it doesn’t have the whang! that a straight rhubarb pie does… that sort-of tangy bite to it that’s a perfect counterpoint for vanilla ice cream…

Dang… now I’m hungry.

On that note, however much salt you have set aside, get more. It will prove incredibly useful in preserving meats and fish, plus you use it with a lot of canning recipes. Again, easy to set aside and inexpensive.

This. +1

Salt used to be traded ounce for ounce with gold for a reason.

After winter is probably the best time to stock up on salt. At least around here. Loads of places carry Morton rock salt for driveways… they always overstock, then let the rest go for super cheap when it gets warm. It’s exactly the same thing – sodium chloride – as the finely granulated Morton salt that costs more. To me, it’s all the same, and a 30lb bag of Morton rock salt for your driveway is just as good as the finely ground stuff they sell with the canning supplies…

Who was it that said “failure” is just finding out what won’t work? Edison? Something like that. If so, then we’re in good company.

Edit: about salt. Mid-summer is when the county takes delivery of their road salt from the distributor. It’s plain old sodium chloride rock salt, straight from the mines. What my daddy used to do was get a big old plastic garbage can, clean it, then drive down to where the city used to store their rock salt supply. Slip the yard guy a ten spot, or whatever, and then take home a big old garbage can of salt. The amount he wanted was so piddly compared to the huge pile that was there, the yard guy didn’t care.

Don’t know how much salt will fit in the average plastic garbage can, but me and my daddy could barely lift it… and I was pushing a solid 200lbs at the time and daddy was no slouch, either… the salt has mineral deposits in it, so it’s not pure white, but it’s the genuine article…. well worth the money and effort.

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