Personally I don’t see the knife issue as relevant anyway. If the knife is illegal then it’s okay to kill him, or whatever happened. But if the knife is legal then it’s a problem? I know the guy was a lowlife but killing him for a pocket knife is nonsense. Even if his death was accidental in that they didn’t intend to hit him that hard, it’s still wrong.

The knife itself is critical to the case.
If its legal, then the arrest is bogus and the false imprisonment and other charges are pertinent and proper.
However, if its an illegal knife per Baltimore law/ordinance, then the arrest is perfectly legal (right and just are another matter).
Then it falls to the point where he was put in the van without being buckled in and given a rough ride. The point where the illegal/negligent activity started.

The possession of a dangerous (prohibited) weapon by a felon is the reason for the arrest, his being a scumbag is another matter, people do change. However they wouldn’t have known his record until he was already in contact/custody. The knife and determining its legality is the reason for the stop. (Again BS but that’s the reason).

The legality if the knife is critical to the charges against most of the officers, without it, the charges are groundless and the DA has stucknher foot in her mouth up to the hip.

Then comes the inevitable riots and aftermath of the officers being released and put back on the street. And there will be blood, copious amounts.

As to the cause of death, if you think the ME is going to put his life, career and reputation on the line for a couple cops when secondary autopsies by private doctors and the feds are likely these days, you’re insane.