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There are hot spots all over the place but it is impossible for any of us to know which one might morph into something more serious. At the same time we can see China actively readying itself for war and getting more belligerent towards its neighbors. Who knows what Russia might be doing. Iran will stay on the path they’re on until they have nukes, and the West isn’t going to take any meaningful action to stop them. Radical Islam continues to grow stronger and it is going to take something really bad happening before the West fully engages in fighting them. Until then political correctness will trump military action. The banksters are really good at kicking the can down the road but who knows when the limits to that game are reached. In-between time ‘Bams and the gang are fulfilling his promise to fundamentally change the country and the military is training for domestic operations. With all of this and likely more, it would be very easy to miss something. Matt is right that odds are we’ll see it before the masses do, and we have thought through what to do when it does. Until then for me at least it is a balancing act trying to live life as if it goes on this way forever, while continuing to improve my situation on the assumption it won’t. Today after tending the greenhouse, readying the raspberry patch for when its time to put a net over them to keep the birds out, and doing some yard work I took a long bike ride and stopped for an ice cream cone along the way. A little bit of both worlds.