Malgus you brought this felons should be forgiven stuff up before and it just doesn’t wash. Do you have a personal stake in this issue? I can’t see why else you would want felons to have the right to own guns. With a recidivism rate of 75% it just would be plain stupidity allow legal sales of guns to felons.

And yet, my position is exactly what we had from 1789 till 1968, and we’re still here. Your argument could be applied to fully automatic weapons – yet you could order them out of a Sears catalog along with crates of ammo, and have them delivered directly to your house via the US Mail. No background check, no nothing.

In fact, I would argue that the halcyon days of the US were prior to 1968, when (gasp!) felons were not denied their inalienable rights upon being released from prison, could still vote, etc.

I have no personal stake in any of this, save opposing the creeping totalitarianism that we’re staring at.

Because denying them all their alleged inalienable rights is effectively putting them in “after-prison prison”. Which is stupid. So, we either let them out of prison and restore all their rights, or we don’t let them out at all. I do not see any middle ground that is justifiable.

Guy goes to prison, does his time, is he not “square with the house”? If so, then give him his rights back. If not, then he’s not square with the house, it’s all a big fat lie and we’re just perpetrating a fraud…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1