When the discussion can’t be objective, why continue it?
Since you have already dismissed other ideas and opinions it hardly seems worth the ‘ink’.

You have your opinions and that’s fine, I respect that.
Your “cute” comment however shows a lack of respect for others.

Why not bail on a conversation that is pointless?

I try and put forth information from a particular viewpoint, to give some insight into the what and why, and why things are or may happen and it becomes an attack on the entire system with a few personal barbs thrown in.

I see no point in continuing an argument when one isn’t needed, and you obviously ignored a few pertinent coments in my opening post.

I’ll pay you the complement of being blunt.

It’s not my intention to start a war on Selco’s site. It’s his site. Not mine. But this once, I’ll be bluntly honest.

My position has consistently been that of the Framers and Founders of this Republic. Yours has consistently been that of those who take power and authority from the Citizenry, or in defense of them.

I do not know why you do this. Perhaps because you have clientele who are Law Enforcement and they read this website, and you don’t want to lose them as customers. Perhaps you’re a paid shill or agent provocateur, who knows? Maybe you feel some vestigial allegiance to your old job. But you consistently defend the indefensible and justify the egregious.

You’ve got a lot of balls telling me I’ve no respect for others, given your chest-thumping disdain for me in a previous thread where you told me all about your old badge, your commendations, attaboys and such… and then said (quote): “Something you can’t say”, as if I didn’t know what I was talking about or my opinion wasn’t justified because I didn’t work in the Jerkwater PD and share your personal experiences…

I stomped a mudhole in that hubris, because yeah, I CAN say… My experience is just as valid as yours. Arguably moreso. And I tell you honestly, I was praying… begging… for you to tell me that being an MP Sergeant wasn’t “really” Law Enforcement. To your credit, you didn’t rise to the bait.

It became an attack on the entire system because the system itself is untenable, those who populate “the system” are notoriously corrupt and we’re headed for a giant train wreck, thanks to that very ‘system’…

I didn’t invent the “us vs. them” mentality. I didn’t start calling the Citizenry “mundanes“. I didn’t take delight in taking people’s daily bread, lining the pockets of my masters by papering everyone with tickets or screwing over someone because I had a bad day, or ‘screening’ people as punishment because I had already tried and convicted them in my own mind.

That stuff happens, and ‘the system’ encourages it. You admit it and then in the same breath defend those who inhabit that very system.

I fought against that garbage, and it cost me. If it shows in my remarks, well then good! My disgust for “the system” is well earned and it is very much deserved. I pepper my comments with colorful terms, like “enforcer goons”, because I think it’s funny – and, yes, a dig at them. You argue against the verbiage and ignore the reasons why they are called that…

That’s all I got.

You want to shut the thread down, fine by me. You’re the one who began it anyways. But shutting it down, avoiding talking about these most serious issues because you don’t like which way the thread is going will not make them go away.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1