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Hello Mr. Red – thank you for replying to my question. I don’t have as much need for a bug-out-bag or things related to traveling a distance to try to become safe. And although I very well understand that these are serious needs and considerations of those that must think hard and long on this; I feel fortunate that that is at least one thing I do not have to worry about. I was once there, but now I am not…and my concerns are a bit different in priority.

1) Understand alt-energy is #1 concern. It is a big, constantly-changing, multi-opinion subject. While I’m sure you have more knowledge and experience than I, if you feel that my own experience in accomplishing this objective in a cost effective manor would be of use, please kindly just say so. I would be happy to share what I have found to work for me, a middling beginner, as I have been working to refresh/relearn/learn skills and keep a firm hold on living happily, with positive thoughts, today. Currently dependent for refrigeration/freezing and well pump only (soon to be rectified)
2) I have been a gardener or small farmer all of my life. I am more at home with nature, than with most humans have met in my life! Have experience with greenhouses (have), most animals (since beginning to ride at very young age on farm) – and have carefully selected animals for my own purposes now. They are a large consumer of time/often emotions as well as resources so, knowing that I was careful of what I am willing to be responsible for. Again, any help/bouncing off of ideas may be helpful, glad to oblige with my cheap 2 cents.
3) Chuckle – as you indicated – this is often the universal desire of those of us than look and think ahead!

Best to you