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The problem: No where to hide.

If I’m hungry, cold, need stuff, I would check out your place even if it was mostly burnt down. The pond is a invitation all by it’s self. A bath, drinking water, maybe food, frogs, fish, cray fish.

A book selco has been quoted in. “Failure of Civility” The authors believe rural properties can be the most difficult to defend because of the large perimeters and easy access. They require more manpower to control.

I wouldn’t think about the problem as masses at your door step. How about 2 pickup loads of men with weapons. What would happen in that situation?

One of the first things I think everyone should do is a realistic evaluation of the tactical defensive capabilities of the property in question and your own group’s skills/capabilities. As selco has pointed out in his blog hiding your presence is good. However you have to know when to fight and when to run.

My house is a modern suburban style house that has the bullet stopping power of a card board box. However I live on a moderately steep hill with woods behind me. Any trouble and out we go, up the hill. We want to be the flankers not the out-flanked. If I have to shoot up my own house to keep some of my stuff so be it. Plus then we can run away if need be and come back another day.