Malgus, you are missing the point.

No, I’m not. In point of fact, I “got” the point you were and are making. I just reject it entirely on principal.

The same DAs office has set precedent previously by prosecuting these cases, their sudden flip flop because of the lynch mob will make the situation untenable and possibly invalidate any prosecution

Boo hoo. Poor them. DA’s are middle-management Elites who want to climb the ladder – no matter how many lives they have to destroy doing it – and so their job of throwing as many citizens in prison as possible to pave their way to higher office should be as difficult as possible.

Don’t look for me shedding tears because some DA’s job just got tougher…

Actually the blame and liability would fall on the department if the training was faulty and/or incorrect.

Politicians can justify any outrage by affixing their scribble to it, thereby making it “legal”. Their Chief Goon does their bidding and his goons do his bidding… that the cops are low-level enforcer goons working for the DA isn’t my fault. But it is my problem.. it is a problem for all of us. However, the old adage: “Sh*^ rolls downhill” still proves true. You think those who created this stuttering cluster-f will be held accountable? Heh… no, they’ll throw some low level enforcer peons under the bus to satiate the mob… temporarily. In a month, nobody will remember it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Your nazi comparison is hardly appropriate, but expected.

It is absolutely appropriate and valid. You just don’t like it, is all.

Those Nazi b-stards wrote up whatever they wanted and – since they were in charge – everything they wrote up was “legal”, no matter how heinous or egregious. There is a big difference between what is “legal”, what is “right” and what is “just”… and the three never shall meet… though “right” and “just” sometimes hook up. But not usually at the behest of the Elites…

In this instance its more akin to the city fathers of Tombstone saying people couldn’t wear guns in town all those years ago.

And those “city fathers” were wrong then, and they are still wrong now. “Because we said so” is bullsh*^. In point of fact, their “Because we said so” position effectively fostered the environment that led directly to the shootout. Making those “city fathers” culpable in the deaths that resulted.

Some minor city dooshbags decree something that is in direct contradiction with the Supreme Law of the Land – just like that middle management enforcer goon down in New Orleans who stated that nobody was allowed to have guns, except the cops and the military – and everyone acted like Pavlov’s Dog or that his statements were not illegal, he was usurping and overstepping his authority, etc… the statements are the same, just the circumstances different. They do not have the authority to usurp and/or suspend the Constitution. Period. Any other position is indefensible…

No setting precedent is not retroactive, you should understand that.

I didn’t say it was. I said: “Isn’t “changing them retroactively” closely related to “setting precedent”?” Nice try, though. I felt I explained it well enough – the middle management goons are allowed to apply previous events to the present, calling it “precedent”, making sure the decisions today square with those made before. But us? We’re not allowed. “Spring assisted knives used to be legal” will go exactly nowhere in court. Nor will holding to account those Goons who assigned their scribble to some arbitrary “ban”, nor the later goons who pushed the envelope, contorting and torturing plain language until somehow “spring assisted” could mean damn near anything and thus, a “switchblade”….

Much like the Commiefornia SKS ban where they changed their minds and made the now registered SKS’ s illegal retroactively. However those actions may set a precedent for future legal actions

Heh… it’s so cute how you think they actually “changed their minds”… as if what happened wasn’t their plan all along and that giving “assurances” to the gullible rubes who still had faith in their mumblings and scribbles was a complete and total farce… a fraud perpetrated on them in order to gain more power over us poor proles…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1