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Sounds like the Dominican Republic. When my brother returned to the US from his contract working in China years ago, his then fiance (Chinese) didn’t have permission to leave China yet. When that came through her permission hadn’t been granted yet to enter the US. Given the arbitrariness of how China operated in those days, they decided it best she leave China immediately before someone changed their mind and revoked the exit papers. My brother was able to quickly get her a visa to enter the Dominican Republic and so plane tickets were bought and off she went. When she arrived in the DR, my brother wasn’t there to meet her and she didn’t know she had to bribe the folks at the airport so despite her having a valid entry visa she was refused entry. She gets put on a plane headed back to China. The plane makes another stop somewhere in the Caribbean and a sympathetic flight attendant calls my brother. He starts working the phone at the Dominican Consulate while his fiance’s flight then continues on to Paris before the final leg to China. The plane gets to Paris and because she doesn’t have a visa to enter France she gets arrested as an illegal. My brother gets whatever he needs from the DR Consulate before she gets put on a plane back to China where she surely would have been arrested again. She then flies back to the DR and this time he is there to meet her and all is well. My brother had to pay for the extra round trip to Paris so the moral of the story is that sometimes it is just cheaper to pay the bribe. She just didn’t know the rules. They got married and eventually her entry visa into the US came through. She is now a citizen.