You gotta love this…

Baltimore PD has been using this interpretation for how long?
Supported by who? The District Attorneys office who has prosecuted the cases.

Selective prosecution. DA’s always desire higher office. Always. And the only way to obtain that is on a road paved with prosecutions. Lots of them. For anything and everything. So long as they can point to a “conviction rate” of close to 100%, they can crow about being all about Law and Order (shyeah…), so it’s in their personal best interest to destroy as many lives as humanly possible.

But no, there’s no conflict of interest here, is there? Nooooo… nothing to see here. Keep moving you proles…

If this was the legal action at the time, supported by training and prosecutions, they are going to have more than a hard time going back and saying it was illegal.

A pack of statist thugs puts their scribble on something and that automatically makes it “legal”… feh. A bunch of guys were hanged in Germany back in ’45 and ’46 for doing things that were perfectly “legal” at the time…

They have set precedent previously.

Individual cases should be tried on their own merit and circumstances, not based on some similar thing that happened before, possibly in the distant past… end up making decisions based on the decisions that other people made under different circumstances rather than treating the case as unique.

And if the officers training and policy/procedures have this in them, the officers are off the hook and the department and DAs office is.

It’s not MY fault! I just enforce the law, I don’t make it. You don’t like the law? Then change it.

That pretty much how it goes? When the SHTF, “just following orders” will get about as far as it got those same guys in Germany back in ’45 and ’46…

Again, if they were following department policy and procedures, the blame falls on other shoulders.

Ah yes, “qualified immunity”…. the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card for the enforcer goons and the DA. Do whatever you want working for the Elites, under color of law, afforded all sorts of perks and protections… but “qualified immunity” has got to be the best one. It is literally you being able to do what you want, to whomever you want, how you want, no matter how egregious or incompetent, and so long as you claim you were just doing your job or following orders or following precedent, you can’t be touched…. you can destroy anyone, for any reason you can conjure up, and you cannot be held accountable…

The laws may be changed tomorrow, but they can’t change them retroactively to fit the will of a lynch mob.

Isn’t “changing them retroactively” closely related to “setting precedent”?

Loving how if you work for one side, you get to apply things that happened before to destroying someone’s life, but then disallowing the other side to apply the same reasoning to obtain freedom or relief…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1