Knowledge about survival cannot be taken away from you.
To read, to learn and then go out and see if you can do it.
Identify the grass seeds you can make porridge from. Try to gather enough and eat it !
Service your own vehicle. Google and You Tube might not be available

I think to survive in the long run you might appreciate few book on different subjects.

  • Staying Alive – A South African Survival Handbook – Ron Reid-Daly (Selous Scouts)
  • People Plants: A Guide to Useful Plants of Southern Africa – Ben- Erik van Wyk
  • Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa – Ben – Erik van Wyk
  • Dare to Prepare – Deyo
  • Vehicle Manuel 4×4
  • Medical Book
  • Veterinary Book for farm animals
  • Map Book
  • SAS Survival Guide (Pocket Size)

These books could keep you company at your bug out location
(helpful in our side of the world )