Knives have been “arms” much longer than firearms have. It also makes me wonder how this would affect the legality of carrying a sword around as well.

Sled, Free Men go armed. Slaves do not. Even the ancient Romans knew this.

How he chooses to go armed is not the concern of the Almighty State. If he feels perfectly fine carrying a pointy stick, then so be it and it is nobody’s place to say otherwise. If someone else feels compelled to carry a sidearm of some kind, then so be it.

Blade or firearm, what a man chooses to defend his hearth, home, family and honor with is no business of the state. Over a hundred years ago, a visitor to America – from France I believe – remarked that he had never seen so many citizens walking around sporting sidearms openly… and that he had never seen a more polite society.

But that was back when the world was still sane…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1