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Hello Kollaps – this is a hard thing, among the many, to consider in making/revising plans. What to do about distant relatives, worry about them. This is made more difficult if you are among the family that want to make some plans/have made at least some small thought on the matter of possible future problems…and the other loved ones see absolutely no value in it. In the end, I think your last words, unfortunately, are something to be prepared for too:
‘ speak with our families every week in case it is ever the last time we speak with them’. –

There are so many scenarios that must run through your mind constantly in the situation you are; I hope you never must experience Plan ‘B’ much less Plan ‘C’. But it seems, if I recall your introduction/life background, you will no doubt make wise choices to the benefit of as many loved ones as you can under the circumstances. Never doubt yourself/instincts. One can only do what one can do. Best to you.