Once upon a time, if a man got crossways with the law, he went to prison to pay for his crimes. His rights were, naturally, suspended during this time.

Upon his release, the rights of his that were suspended were reinstated.

All of them.

It’s only been fairly recently – within my lifetime – that we forbid “felons” from exercising their Inalienable rights… those rights that come from the Almighty Himself and that no man can take away.

“But.. But.. But!!” they stutter, “We can’t allow dangerous FELONS to run around with pointy objects or (GASP!) actual GUNS!”

Stripping a man – any man – permanently of his inalienable rights would make the Framers of this country throw up. Then they’d probably stand the stuttering statist thug up against the nearest handy brick wall and have him shot. After due process, of course.

That said, if a man – any man – is deemed too dangerous to be trusted with ALL of the rights allegedly “guaranteed” to us via the Supreme Law of the Land, then he is too dangerous to be released from prison. I will concede that such men do exist, and should be banished from society.

However, to release such predatory types upon the unwitting citizenry, trusting that a politicians scribble will somehow “prevent” him from doing ill is dubious at best and delusional at worst…

Predatory types that are released upon an unwitting citizenry are a problem that will eventually solve itself. That being when the predator tries to prey upon an armed citizen, who shoots his a$$ righteously dead. Proving once again that power should remain with, and belongs in, the hands of the citizenry and not in the scribble of some politician or their enforcers…

First they said they were just taxing certain firearms as a “revenue generating measure”, and the courts scribbled and approved.

Then they said that they were outlawing only “dangerous” types of guns, or guns that were too small, and pointy objects that had a bit of metal in them, and keeping “felons” from having them. And the courts scribbled and approved.

Then they said that they were only keeping guns from those who were potentially a threat – domestic violence, itself a misdemeanor charge based on hearsay – and the courts scribbled and approved…

Then they said that they only wanted to keep guns out of the hands of the “mentally ill”, neglecting to say exactly who gets to define what “mentally ill” is, how it will be applied, when Due Process will be served, etc. And the courts scribbled and approved…

Sooner or later, this country is going to collapse under the weight of the crushing burden of political scribbles we have to obey, or else… and then it will burn…

The politicians are too effing stupid to see the catastrophe they are causing…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1