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OK Malgus, now you’ve really piqued my interest in seeing the movie. That or read the book again. The Civil War was fought in the way all wars were fought up through WWII….all out and to win. My mother-in-law was born in NC and grew up in SC. Her family goes back to colonial days mostly in VA, NC, & SC. I have a letter one of her 1st cousins sent me when he was in his 80’s telling me the story of when the Yankees came to his grandfather’s farm when his grandfather was just a kid. The grandfather told him the story when he was a kid. Powerful and heart wrenching. A local creek there is named after one of their slaves who drowned. He jumped in the water to sooth his wounds after being whipped by the soldiers for refusing to tell them where the valuables were hidden. They didn’t realize that the slave was deaf & mute. As noted the other day I also have the 1st hand account of my father-in-law’s g.g.grandfather’s horrific abuse by the Confederates after being taken prisoner. Both sides committed what would be considered war crimes today. Most towns have a memorial of some sort to their Civil War dead too.

I don’t know how well you know your Civil War history but J.W. Tucker, “The Boat Burner” was one of my mother-in-law’s close relatives. When the war ended and a general amnesty was granted he and his group weren’t granted amnesty and had to flee the country. He went to Bermuda for a few years until a pardon was finally issued and he could return to the US.