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Yes it is ironic that ‘the shot heard ’round the world” took place in what is now suburban Boston in the modern day socialist paradise known as Massachusetts. The crazy part is that while the Revolutionary War is embedded so deeply into the history and culture of Massachusetts, they’ve truly forgotten what the war was all about. School kids learn all about the events of the war, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and so forth but without any introspection of how antithetical modern day governance in Massachusetts is versus what the war was fought for.

The gun ownership rate in MA is very low and so presumably most folks don’t care what the laws are. MA is a wealthy State in which people on average enjoy a higher standard of living than the country as a whole. Its many boarding schools fill up with the children of the country’s and the world’s elites, as do the many colleges. The big world class hospitals in Boston attract people from all over the world. High tech companies come for an educated and skilled workforce. It is much whiter than the country as a whole and Boston is too compared to most large cities. Having spent most of my life in MA I understand why people choose to live there. They just have different priorities than you and me. Come SHTF they won’t know what hit them. I am very glad to have left. My son is chomping at the bit to leave.