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Whirli, I had the same thought. The “better” citizens will be given concealed carry permits.

The other thing that this made me think of was how glad I am that I no longer live in Massachusetts where the laws are not especially different than what they just did in Cleveland. The only time you could have an operable gun is when you had it on your person. Otherwise the ammo had to be stored separately from the gun and if the gun wasn’t in a safe then it needed to have a trigger lock or some such on it. It is at the discretion of the local police whether you can get a concealed carry license or not. You have to file a form with the local police in the town you live in, the local police in the town you are moving to (if changing towns), and with the State every time you move. That you had a concealed carry in one town is no guarantee you’ll get it in the next or even if you don’t move that the next police chief will give you a license when your renewal comes us. Private sales need to be reported to the State. No licenses from other States are recognized in MA. Mandatory year in jail if caught with a gun & no license. Must produce your license in order to buy ammo. Only specific models approved by the State Attorney General are legal in MA. Even with a LTC, there are rules for how you can legally have a gun in your vehicle. And on and on. As I said recently on another thread, every time I come back across the border into VT I feel better. MA govt. does not like VT because of our lack of gun laws. MA govt. does not like NH because of their lack of sales and income tax. Folks in VT & NH just thank their lucky stars they don’t live in MA.

So folks, I’ve already lived the Cleveland experience, just without the urban rot and crime.