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Am I losing my mind or wasn’t this an old post??

At any rate I’m sticking to my guns. September-ish will be when the mainstream economists start ringing the alarm bells as the stock market finally takes a dip. This time, the fed etc will be more rapid in its response, however, and whatever measures they take (which might include your bank accounts) will seem to work for a short time. I’m gonna say a few months.

But this time is different. Why? You’re looking at it. Too many people now know the system is doomed. And so during those few months they will struggle like crazy to keep the financial concerns from spreading. To keep it under wraps. But, eventually, it will crumble. I don’t think it will be from zero to WROL in a single day kind of scenario… rather a historic level of homelessness and unrest after a couple of months of very steady decline.

A deflationary spiral at first followed by runaway inflation as the fed overcompensates and faith erodes. I could very well be wrong… on all fronts. But my understanding of the system combined with my Faith and my general instincts tell me this.

Let’s hope I’m way off and you guys can have a good laugh at my expense! I’m very close to being out of debt and moving on to the next phase of my life, so I really hope I’m wrong.