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Most discussions of this nature allude to an anonymous group of people that hold all the cards and who will decide when to pull the plug. If such a group exists, nobody has ever said exactly who these people are. There is something on the magnitude of 10 million millionaires in the US alone. Granted most are minor millionaires with just a couple million, but the number of mega millionaires is still an extremely big number. There are upwards of 2,000 billionaires in the world, more than 500 in the US alone. There are too many mega wealthy out there for them to all know each other let alone somehow coordinate decisions about what to do with the economy. Their interests are not necessarily aligned either. What will make more money for one billionaire may cause another to lose money. They may have some gold tucked away but most of their wealth is tied up in investments be it equities, bonds, real estate or whatever, which if the economy tanks will tank with it. I posit that the mega wealthy will keep the game going for as long as humanly possible because they will substantially lose their fortunes too in a collapse. If the politicians and bankers who will take the blame for a collapse see us at a point where it is about to burst, I can see them trying to avert blame by starting a war but if they can keep it going a bit longer they will do their part to keep the wheels turning.