What is your most used piece of kit in your BOB? (Excluding knives, canteens)

What three items from your BOB are required? (Knives and firearms excluded)

And for brownie points only:
What’s the most unusual item in your BOB?

A1: 100mph tape. You can do anything with it. Make rope. Make a water bladder/water collection. Patch wounds. Repair damaged radiator hoses. Patch bullet holes. Make weapons. I fixed a HUMMV once with a stick and 100mph tape. Given enough tape, you can make a shelter with it. Even a boat.

If you can think of it, you can do it with 100mph tape.

A2: Something to write with. Something to write on. Toilet paper.

A3: A fire piston. Probably one of the most trick pieces of gear I own. Yeah, it’s low-tech, but it’s still trick. Take some fungus off a birch tree, put it in the end of the piston, insert and then smack it. Instant ember to make fire. Works on the same principal as a diesel engine: Compression = combustion. Worth the money.

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