Would you like those you served with honorably lumped in with Major Hassan? Or the Navy shipyard shooter? Or Bowe Bergdahl? Its a disrespect to those who have and continue to do right.

I will tell you this.

Most times, most soldiers do the right thing. Most times.

But, like I said above, moral courage is the most precious and rare type that exists. To speak up – loudly – when something doesn’t smell right and to make a stand on principal. Knowing that it means your end.

Think back to Hurricane Katrina. All those troops – and cops – that went house to house, kicking in doors, body slamming old ladies and stealing people’s legally owned, constitutionally protected firearms?

How many stood up and said “No, I refuse to do this because it is illegal, immoral and unlawful? Exactly ONE small unit of National Guardsmen, and NO cops. They nominated a Staff Sergeant as their representative and sent him to their commander. He informed the Captain that under no circumstances would any of them participate in rounding up and confiscating legally-owned firearms.

They were quietly moved out of the area and replaced with another unit that would follow orders unquestioningly.

Sad to say, but I think that most soldiers – as well as most police officers – are moral cowards. The ‘good’ ones – defined as the ones who are not actively “bad” – keep quiet in the face of illegal, immoral, unlawful actions – thereby aiding and abetting them – because they know their careers and retirements depend on their keeping quiet. Speak up, and your career is over.

Funny how only senior leadership only finds the moral courage to speak up about the wrongs that they see when their careers are almost over, and they are so close to retirement that it cannot be taken away?

Either speak up, or you are part of the problem. And no less to blame than the ones who are actively “bad”…

I assume you have seen that outrage about Army Cadets being forced to wear red, high-heeled shoes and forced to walk in them, in uniform? Supposedly to “teach” the male cadets some bullsh*^ “lesson” about their female counterparts…

It was humiliating and degrading, as well as being illegal. But, because some female “general” in charge of the ROTC program said they had to do it, they were threatened with a bad OER if they refused.

They couldn’t even find the moral courage to say “No” to wearing red, high heeled shoes and submitted to the degradation and humiliation when they were threatened with a puny piece of paper… yet, these are supposed to be our future “leaders”? I am embarrassed and ashamed…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1