I’ll admit it, I had to read it three times, both previously and this time.
The first conjures up questions, the second affirms them and the third both helps find “answers” and more questions.

What I take from this is not a denial that a collapse is going to happen but in many respects the reasons we should be even more concerned.

Your evaluation is extensive and hard to argue with Malgus, assuming I didn’t agree, but I do.

What I read from the article and your breakdown is that we should be making sure we are as insulated from the collapse as we can be, getting our economic ducks in a row. It shows and tells the signs we should be watching for, and why they are occurring.

This is important and interesting because it in many respects shows how the collapse may happen, perhaps even the order, for those who can read between the lines.

And your last sentences say something I’ve been saying for a while, just a different way. The dollar will survive as long as people keep it alive, faith based, investments based, greed based.

At that point what kind of collapse are we looking at? Weimar republic bad? Zimbabwe bad? US Great Depression bad? My crystal ball is pretty cloudy about that subject. But like I’ve said in other posts, I think it will depend heavily on where you are located not just what you have.