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The problem is that the medicines they use to medically induce a coma play havoc with memories transferring from short term to long term, so the week before I went in is completely gone, for example every room in the house has been totally emptied and reorganized twice since then and I still can’t find the pair of side zip boots I had just gotten broken in before all this happened.
For the time I can remember it just seemed like a normal sinus infection like I have always been prone to, it would seem to have cleared up after a 10 day course of antibiotics and a 14 day course of steroids, but would flare up again after a 2-3 week break. For the week before the coma, my wife tells me it seemed like my normal seasonal allergy problems which I typically get when all the nasty pollen and dust start flaring up in February and March. The decline happened over about a day and a half with me just getting weaker by the hour, which must have been when the various infections in the lungs took hold. I am still puzzled by how I ever got a yeast infection in my lungs, but that was one of them.

Getting myself back on the fast track was just my stubborn refusal to admit I could not do things I was used to doing, plus a purely defensive reaction, the range of motion exercises they put you through really hurt, I just wanted to push the therapist off the table to stop her working on my hamstrings.