Under their thumb? Entirely,
But he was literally the last option without starting the hiring process over.
The other three candidates, one changed his mind mid hire, one pulled his app, and one refused. To not lose face, they hired do-nothing.
And if the rumors are right, things are not looking good for him, complaints at the state level for his inaction.

As to the pill popper, that came after the rapist was jailed, back when he was a good cop, before the injury.
But because his word is now mud, how far back do they go?
Its a tough call, which way is justice best served?

The other cops? Just trying to do their jobs despite these idiots, one quit and went elsewhere as soon as his contract was up, to get away from this, another is caught between a rock and a hard place because of health/family.

I can’t condemn the entire group because of a few idiots, most of the cops I’ve known, I’ve been proud to have served with, much like you and your military bretheren, most are good. The exceptions ruin it for the rest.

Would you like those you served with honorably lumped in with Major Hassan? Or the Navy shipyard shooter? Or Bowe Bergdahl? Its a disrespect to those who have and continue to do right.

Tolik, I had a lengthy response but it vanished into the nethersphere and I don’t feel like typing it all again on a tablet, so let me just say I agree with your last post entirely.

We just need to be sure who the enemy really is.