They also called the Sherman the ” Tommy cooker ” as they had such a bad habit of burnig when hit , before the crew could get out . The IS series of tanks were built specifically to deal with the Panther and Tiger . When first encountered , German crews were told to avoid contact with an IS , whenever possible , as by that time , they needed every tank they could get , and couldnt afford to loose any if they didnt have to . The Pershing was an effective antidote on the US side , but like the IS , they entered late in the war , and with complete air superiority , ground targets had a very hard time . One thing the Russians were famous for in WW2 , were their horrific artillery barrages . Artillery was cheap , fast , and easier to make , and they fielded them very heavily from 43 on . Any tanks caught in that were decimated . Their rockets were very inaccurate , but would lay waste to an entire area . We started putting rockets on Shermans , because of the successes with them on the eastern front . Yes we did talk to each other back then .

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