There are many reasons “bad” cops are tolerated.
In the case of my last department, it goes like this.

Sgt promoted to chief because the rest of the applicants backed out or refused.
(Incompetent and lazy to a criminal level literally) But the city council chose him.

My replacement was hired despite issues in the background. And he was making up for the past and proving to be a very good cop. Right up to the point he fell off the wagon, a past work injury and pain meds ruined him.
The DAs office is still considering charges.
He quit and can never be employed in a LE capacity again.

Why wasn’t he fired or charged by the chief who was investigating him?
Too embarassing as he had done the background and hand picked him

Why nothing yet from the DAs office?
The chiefs incompetence doesn’t help, but they have to review every case he touched. Every case becomes suspect and they have to decide if justice is better served by releasing and possibly retrying every case he touched at that department let alone previous ones.
Do you let a rapist go because someone becomes addicted to pain pills from a back injury?

The chief? Still doing nothing despite being legally bound to.
The city won’t replace him until he costs them too much money or they are held accountable for his inaction and are held liable.
It would make them look bad, they chose him.

There is nothing simple in LE, nothing cut and dried.


Might be my cynicism showing, but the turd promoted to Chief was promoted probably because the Council thought they could control him – he’d be their little monkey-boy. Put a strong, independent leader in a position of authority? One who might (GASP!) do the right thing on his own instead of doing their bidding? God forbid!

Doom on them, his incompetence outweighed his laziness.

Do you let a rapist go because someone becomes addicted to pain pills from a back injury?

Yes. Yes you do. Because the alternative – letting someone rot in jail until the jail rots on top of him, based on the work of a pill-head and a boozer (worse, a pill head and a boozer who was concealing his pill addiction and boozing while in a position of authority and public trust) – is wrong. Even if the Bad Guy is guilty as sin and it will cost a ton of money retrying the case, you retry the case. Because under our “Justice” (shyeah) System, everyone is entitled to a fair shake. Even scumbags. And based on what you just said, that didn’t happen.

The rest of your post backstops my previous post – that nothing will be done until a mountain of taxpayer money is spent, someone gets embarrassed (damage to their reputation/credibility) or enough unwanted attention is drawn to the Elites (in this case, the Council responsible for hiring Chief Lazy Incompetent)…


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1