The best all around tank of WWII was the Panther VG. Had the best combination of armor, weaponry and mechanical reliability.

Thick, sloped armor, low profile, a HV 75mm main gun, it was fast and they apparently solved most of the transmission issues… they just didn’t make enough of ‘em…

Contrast that with a DERP tank – big, slow, moderate armor, an insanely powerful main gun, just not very accurate. And a ridiculously slow reload time… the Germans made plenty of DERP tanks and other vehicles… so did the Russians.. the SU152 was a DERP tank… couldn’t really hit anything reliably, but when it did hit something, it was DRT. The German RW61 was a DERP gun… 38cm main gun, built on a King Tiger chassis… even the Allies got in on the derp with the Churchill VII….

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