mmm….when I get like this I have to back off and think for a few seconds.
Police are not something that was sh** on the sidewalk and hatched by the sun.
They are just different versions of me and you. They are a product of their education.
Change the education to change the product.

I disagree Robin.

Though education seems to have a mitigating effect on many people, your position seems to be (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that Nurture trumps Nature.
I’m of the exact opposite viewpoint – Nature trumps Nurture.

You can’t hire everyone fitting the same psychological profile, then wonder “what happened?” when Bad Things start happening.

Even if you change the psychological screening, it won’t be 100% effective – one of the defining traits of the psychopath or sociopath is the ability to lie smoothly and convincingly – even to the point of passing a polygraph. Those will always slip through, and you don’t find out about it until much later when they are entrenched in the system and afforded all the system’s protections and privileges… given the crim-justice systems habit of settling everything out of court, these psychopaths and sociopaths are recycled into the mix… yes, eventually they are gotten rid of, but not before massive damage is done..

Edit: I have to say that, even though I do not have any proof and this is just my opinion, I think “bad” cops are not gotten rid of because they are “bad”, but because they end up costing their municipality great piles of money, damage to the department’s reputation and, of course, that old bugaboo Liability. It is done from a point of pure self-interest, not because the officer is inherently “bad” and should be gotten rid of on principal alone….

Do egregious stuff, cost your Elites money and damage their reputation and draw undue attention to them? You’re gone.

Do egregious stuff, but fly under the radar or be exonerated by a panel of 3 of your buddies? Eh… here, have a desk job for 6 months while this blows over…

Could be just my perspective – along with me being a pessimist and a cynic… but also could be reality.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1