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Robin, most current active duty police are young enough to have grown up in the Great Society era where personal responsibility & accountability was de-emphasized in favor of the victimhood, govt will do the thinking for you, everyone is special mindset. Part of the govt will do the thinking for you part comes in the form of laws and regulations for every aspect of your life. Don’t think about right and wrong, if it is legal (drive 50 mph on my road), just do it, and if what you did is illegal, then someone else must be at fault. No need for politicians to honor their word or admit when they erred. Just lie about what you said or blame someone else for the results. To the extent that police behave badly, maybe it’s because they were raised in an era lacking a consistent message about personal accountability and responsibility, or to think in terms of right vs wrong. If there are no consequences to their bad behavior, then the mindset is going to be maybe the behavior isn’t bad after all. If there is any truth to this at all, then it will only get worse because the education system is still trending towards the everyone gets a trophy approach. If kids can’t read when they finish school it is because someone else didn’t fund the school well enough, not because the kid didn’t study. If an athlete is sufficiently talented, let’s look the other way no matter how bad their behavior. Don’t want to lose the big game you know. Kids growing up get all of these messages, whether verbally expressed or not.

One more variable to throw in the mix. How are the police being rewarded career-wise? I don’t know the answer here but pose the question in case there are incentives for bad behavior.