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I obviously went to the wrong school. When I streaked the girls just sat in front of the dorm and cheered us on. No panty throwing. No arrests. Now I suspect kids would get arrested and in some jurisdictions end up in a sex offender registry. And each year umpteen more laws are passed.

I increasingly think the way to improve behavior is to start rescinding laws and putting the onus back on personal accountability and responsibility. In rural VT most roads don’t have posted speed limits and by default if there isn’t a posted speed limit State law says the limit is 50 mph. Parts of the dirt road I live on are barely wide enough for two cars to inch past each other and parts have poor visibility coming over rises, yet by default the speed limit is 50 even if parts of it you can’t safely go much more than 10 – 20. It is flat, straight, and with good visibility in front of my house but even then few people will go more than 20 – 30 mph. The other day a couple folks were barreling up the road and a neighbor stopped them and told them to slow down. The drivers were certainly within their legal rights given the State default of 50 mph but I’ll bet they slow down in the future based on the community pressure put on them by my neighbor. That’s the way it should be. Not calling the police and the drivers then saying they were within their legal rights and so don’t tell them they can’t speed. Civil society did exist before we piled up laws on everything imaginable.