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There are times you want a little more distance than a ten inch knife can offer. I was looking at the SOG spirit 2 and wondering if I could make it a bit more useful. The threaded handle has the capability of turning it into a spear. The problem is carrying it with the massively long plastic handle they gave it. So I discarded it and used the knife by the short stub to see if it was sufficient as a survival knife. Not to bad. You want to chop get an axe. But then I had another inspiration. Why not make it have a more gripable surface, so it was wrapped with Rescue Tape. This tape is great. The silicone rubber made softer to the hand and added friction. Its ability to bond to itself is extremely useful. Its sold as a plumbing tape to wrap leaking pipes.
Not quite done yet. The sheath was just too big. I cut it in half and discovered an odd fact about the sog sheath. It forms two separate compartments. The front one where the Spitit 2 went originally I inserted a DMT mini sharp diamond sharpener and in the back compartment inserted the spirit knife. It was a nice fit without the big belt loop cluttering up things. The rivets on the sheath gave it holes for a cord attachment and the overall decrease in size gave it more concealability.
The wood shaft to make it into a spear depends on whats available. One could have Spirit 1 and Spirit 2 and switch as the need arose. Spirit 1 being The older spear point double edge design. There is a small hole to use a pin like the viking spears in both knives. The metal ferule on certain sticks is somewhat easier to thread the knife onto. Aluminum poles are for sale as painters extensions. Wood is by far the most common and nicest to handle.