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Malgus, I don’t know the answer either but am only making the observation that behavior in society has changed for the worse…..on the part of kids, parents, and yes the police too. My son graduated from the same college I did, a small State College in a small town next to nothing. When I was there we partied most every night. Nobody got hurt, nothing got damaged, nobody complained, and school officials looked the other way. Fast forward 30 years and now the school is zero tolerance kind of place, and the kids are out of control. My son lived in the very same dorm I lived in my 1st year. Out of control drunk or high kids smashed the plate glass in the lobby to the building. Furniture got tossed out windows. None of that happened in my day and we were drinking or smoking pot in the dorm more nights than not. The local police never felt the need to come on campus and the campus police were unarmed back then. I never heard of a single student get arrested on or off campus in my day. How did it change so drastically? We had few rules governing our behavior yet we didn’t cross the line so to speak. Now they’ve got lots of rules and the kids are crossing the line. The best I can come up with to explain this is that Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”, started us down the road where people are raised to be victims with rights, and everyone is special and gets a trophy. Personal responsibility and accountability was set aside.