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having lived in costa rica for 5 years and still having friends there i would not suggest it as it is getting drug crazy violence with guns. it is hidden by the new and government as it is bad for main source of revenue tourism. There are also MANY pedophiles and under age sex tourism. Many things are weird as in you pay people to line up to pay bills for you. Things are expensive descent house now is over 500k to north american standard ie it wont fall down in first earth quake nor burn down because of shoddy electrical.

If you have kids you will need to private school that is about 2-5k a month usd per kid in a good school with recognized grades internationally, ie all the rich, diplomats kids go there, so lots of drug use and sex.I know a daughter of a friend who was raped in school by class mates. No charges cause of who the kids involved parents where.

If you go to local school good luck getting any education out side of the country.

ON plus side if you home school you might do well, food if you buy at local markets is incredible and cheap… i LOVE meat but would eat 3-5 meals min a week just fruits and veggies it was so tasty.

workers are cheap but you get what you pay for had 6 staff with a payroll of just over 2000 usd a month and i was considered over paying staff.

There is not much work for your kids once they grow up that will match rest of world what money you bring in will be what family has for a long time as you cant get ahead under normal circumstances there. If you become too successful you will draw the attention of one of the big 7 families… either you sell ,join or be crushed.it is the mob and never forget you are outsider.

IF you need to mortgage forget going there the interest rates are insane think 24% plus and no way to make the $$ you need locally to service a debt. vehicles are super pricey due to tax and fuel costs. there are back room deals you can get cars for but that is a whole other conversation.