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Malgus, the underage kids drinking is a great example of the kinds of change we have gone through but there is another piece to this. I saw firsthand that kind of community policing when I was a kid and the cop coming to the house because my brother & his friends spray painted on a cement entrance sign to a park. My mother was distraught that her son would bring such shame upon the family and believe me my brother got the message, as did the rest of us kids. The cop said the boys needed to clean the paint off the sign, and the parents made sure the boys did it. Fast forward a generation and a lot of kids aren’t going to listen to the cop when the cop says dump the beer, and a lot of parents will rebuff the cop rather than thank him for alerting them to their kid’s bad behavior. My nephew that I have referred to a couple times (son of a different brother) had a knack for finding trouble from a young age but when school officials would call them in or sports coaches would complain etc, rather than deal with their kid as they should, they’d go on the attack (both were lawyers) threatening the school, the coach or whoever. My daughter, a 7th grade teacher, has called parents about bad behavior in the classroom and been told “he’s your problem during the day not mine”. Half the parents won’t come in for parent-teacher conferences no matter how convenient she tries to make it for them. My daughter-in-law is a speech therapist in a school system and has the same problem with parents that just don’t care about their kid’s bad behavior or school progress. All that said, I would hope a cop could and would differentiate between families like mine where they could trust the parents to handle it and parents like my brother and his wife who wouldn’t deal with their kid’s bad behavior. That level of common sense has been lost.