Hi Leopard, thanks for the article. Here is an extract from it which sort of depicts the way I feel right here while I am still in South Africa. “You leave your language and your culture: everything suddenly feels remote and you may feel empty inside, lost and lonely. You experience a sense of disassociation; everything around you feels unreal, you do not feel real yourself.”

I think I have already said goodbye to South Africa in a way. I find I cannot relate to the idiocy of the government or the general population who is putting them in power and at the same time protesting about service delivery. Burning down and breaking down in an attempt to be heard – or maybe just for fun. The lack of understanding that if a government do not do for you what they promise you can vote them out and you do not have to kill foreigners, burn, break etc.

The way they are taking Afrikaans out of Universities and schools, rewriting our history with their own version, BEE and AA. The Afrikaner and the white man are being pushed down and will slowly become extinct. So I do not see a future for my children in this country and the “push” factor is almost where I do not care where we go as long as we can make a living.

Maybe, some of the guys here can assist me with Panama. I have heard that there are lots of opportunities and the cost of living is low. My husband is just worried about the language. The unfortunate thing for South Africans are that if they want to go to an english speaking country like the US, Australia, New Zealand there is a penalty to get in if you are on the old side.

Anyhow, that is about all the news I’ve got for now.