Hallo hallo ! I’m still fine too, thank you ! Think about my SHTF friends every day. I’ve been trying to keep things going – business in SA taking blows from all directions currently. But in the end we always say “Boer maak ‘n plan” That means -We always make a plan- …we simply do not give up.
Dorette an article you might find helpful http://www.merisemag.com/eng/the-emotional-rollercoaster-ride-of-migration/

Some distant family was visiting SA last month. We had a lovely time together. Have not seen them in many years. After a lovely meal and looking at all the children playing together; their son trying to understand his niece and nephews fast chatter in Afrikaans. His mom looked at her son and told me, “ It was wonderful being back and seeing all of you, but I think it is time to go home now”