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Malgus, I do agree with you brother. The friends I have that are police officers tell me that body cameras would help them with the bad cops. It is like you being in a team and there are two or three players that are bad so you as a team member have a hard time turning in the team members. With the cameras you now do not have this problem since the proof is in the video. The good police officers want the cameras everywhere. I personally think this will end 95% of the crimes committed by bad cops.

But I do not want the feds to federalize the police, NO WAY! So we all have to be careful and only push for reform and cameras.

I live in a small city around the city of Miami were the police are good but in the city of Miami many complain and no one likes the City of Miami and the county Miami-Dade police officers. I think the large cities have problems with the police powers and there union control.